3 Gifts For Our Grandkids

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend the day with my grandson, Rhett. Like most grandparents, I look forward to these special days. In the midst of giggles, a walk through the neighborhood, smiles, blowing bubbles, reading books and having fun playing, I was reminded of 3 gifts we experienced that day.

The gift of prayer – Rhett has begun eating different kinds of foods. On this particular morning, he was eating baby food that was a mixture of different types of fruit. We took the time to sing a short blessing my boys had learned in preschool, the Johnny Appleseed Blessing. Just taking a few moments to sing or say a blessing can help lay foundations for teaching our kids and grandkids to pray. In addition to praying with your grandkids, use this great resource from LifeWay to pray for your grandkids each day of the month 31 Biblical Prayers for our grandchildren.

The Gift of God’s Word – I enjoy reading a Bible Story or two whenever Rhett and I are together. We look at the picture together as I read the story in his Bible. One day my hope and prayer is that he will enjoy reading his own Bible. LifeWay Research tells us that the number #1 predictor of spiritual maturity as young adults is that they regularly read their Bible as kids.* It’s never too late for us as grandparents and parents to help kids develop a love for God’s Word. My favorite Bible for preschoolers is LifeWay’s CSB Read to Me Bible.

The Gift of Scripture Memory – While Rhett is a little young to begin quoting scripture verses right now, it’s never too early for us to expose our grandkids to hearing scripture verses. Last week when we spent the day together, we enjoyed listening to Lullabies for Babies to Scripture by Seeds Family Worship. Another way to lay foundations for scripture memory is to make the most of moments in everyday life. A friend of mine once shared that he and his wife kept scripture verses posted above the diaper changing table and would read or quote these verses as they changed their child’s diaper.

These are three simple gifts that I can give Rhett when we are together. Sometimes in the hectic pace of life, the impact of these gifts can be overlooked. Intentionally taking time to give these gifts not only helps lay spiritual foundations in his life, but the blessings and memories are priceless for me.

*Nothing Less, Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith, Jana Magruder.

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