Teaching Preschoolers Bible Skills

Recently, I was asked to share some ideas for teaching Preschoolers Bible Skills. Here are a few ideas that I have collected:

  1. Color Dot Match – Items needed: Jumbo craft sticks and permanent markers. Directions: Write a word of the verse on each craft stick. Remember to include the reference. Line up the craft sticks in verse order. Create matching dots on the ends of craft sticks to enable pre-readers to put the verse in order. Our Director of Preschool Ministries at FBC Monroe, Darlene Christie, recently shared her game with me in the above featured picture.
  2. 3 Simple Ways To Teach Bible Skills to Preschoolers, a blog article I wrote last year, shares some ideas you can incorporate at church or home.
  3. Bill Emeott provides several ideas for Using Bible Skills with Preschoolers on LifeWay’s Kid Ministry page.
  4. Creating secret pictures of the Bible Verse is a fun Bible Skill activity to use with preschoolers. For instructions visit LifeWay’s Kids Ministry page.
  5. If you are looking for Preschool curriculum with an emphasis on Bible Skills, LifeWay’s Explore the Bible: Preschool is a great resource for weekly lessons with creative ideas.

What is your favorite Bible Skill activity to use with Preschoolers?

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