3 Simple Ways To Teach Bible Skills To Preschoolers

Whether you have preschool children, grandchildren, or teach preschoolers at church, there are some simple ways we can teach them Bible Skills.

1. Begin as soon as possible letting them see, feel, and hold the Bible. I have a 16-month-old grandson and one thing I enjoy doing with him is reading Bible Stories from our Read to Me Bible. This is a Bible for Preschoolers that is a complete Bible with the Old and New Testament, rather than a Bible Story Book. As we read our Bible Story, I allow him to help hold the Bible and turn pages. Even at this young age, he learns that the Bible is a special book, it is God’s Word, and how to take care of our Bible by learning how to gently turn the pages.

2. Use Bible Markers. Bible Markers inserted in your Bible, marking the correct verse or passage, are a visible reminder that the Bible or verse thought you are sharing from the pre-printed verse marker is in the Bible. You can make your own Bible markers with colored cardstock, a permanent marker, and an optional sticker or use pre-printed ones included in your curriculum. (The Bible markers included in this picture are from LifeWay’s Explore the Bible: Preschool Summer and Fall material.) Preschoolers practice locating scripture by pointing to the Bible Marker and helping you open the Bible to the correct verse or passage. When you open your Bible, use Bible conversation teaching your child where the verse is found (Ex: In the picture above, share with your child that your verse is located in John, chaper 13, verse 34. The book of John is in the New Testament.) Read the verse or Bible thought aloud. Have older preschoolers repeat the verse and reference as you say it aloud. It is also a great idea to use Bible Markers when you are telling a Bible Story in your preschool class at church.

3. Use a Bible Cube to review Bible Stories and help reinforce Bible Skills. I found this Bible Cube in our LifeWay Explore the Bible: Preschool Fall curriculum. I love this idea! It’s a fun activity for older preschoolers. This cube is pre-printed with review questions. After the preschooler rolls the cube, a teacher will read aloud the question or the fill in the blank statement on the top of the cube that the preschooler is to respond to.  The statement on the top of the cube in the picture reinforces where the day’s Bible Story is located (The Old or the New Testament). Another side of the cube asks preschoolers to recall which book of the Bible the day’s Bible Story can be found. You can use our template below to make your own review cube for use at home or in your class at church.  Simply print on white cardstock, write a review question on each side, fold along the lines and tape into a cube.  Remember to insert some paper or stuffing to help the cube hold its shape. 

What activities do you use to teach your preschooler Bible Skills?

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