Psalm 119:105 Bible Skill Activities

Last week in our Kids in the Word class, we had a fun time learning Psalm 119:105 – “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  I set up the activity in the hallway outside of our classroom and then turned off the lights and let the kids choose between a flashlight and a lantern to guide them.

Items needed: Permanent marker, card stock, scissors, painters tape and a flash light or lantern.

Preparation: Cut out foot or shoe prints – one for each word plus the reference in the translation you are using.  Write one word per shoe print.  Laminate for durability.  Tape the shoe prints in order in a path on the carpet so that the kids can step from one word to the next as they recite the verse.

To play: Line the kids up.  Give the first child in line a lantern to hold and use as they step/hop on each word of the verse and recite it.  After they have followed the path and recited the verse, have them race back to the line and give the next person the lantern so that they can begin the verse path.

Different variations:

  1. Have a race. Create 2 paths and 2 teams.  See which team can complete the verse the quickest.
  2. Leave the verse shoe prints in the hallway or classroom so that kids can practice the verse the next time they are at church.
  3. Do a relay race. Instead of taping the shoe prints to the floor, place the shoe prints on the opposite side of the room.  Have teams race carrying their lantern to pick up one word of the verse at a time. Once they have all the pieces, they can put the verse in order.

Home Discipleship:

Parents can use this for a fun Bible Skill activity at home.  

  1. Create a path in a room, hallway, or through more than one area using the shoe prints. Give your child a lantern/flashlight and have them step/hop along the verse path while they recite the verse.
  2. Keep the footprints in a shoe box and have your kids pull it out and put the verse in order.
  3. Concentration – Turn the shoe prints over so that you cannot see the words.  Have your child turn two shoe prints over at a time to see if they can find the 1stword (Your).  If they do, place the 1stword on the table.  If not, turn both back over and continue turning over two at a time until they find the word “Your.”  Repeat for the 2ndword of the verse (Word) until it is found and so forth until all words of the verse are turned over in order.
These activities can used in Kids in the Word, Children’s Bible Drill (Green cycle), or anytime at church or home when you want to emphasize the importance of God’s Word. 

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