Add this Essential to your Back to School List for Kids

With school starting in less than a month, back to school preparations are already beginning as the store ads are sharing all the back to school sales.  We see the essential items our kids will need as they begin another school year – notebooks, pencils, markers, glue . . .

I’d like to add an essential item to this list not seen in most of the sale ads – a Bible.  As our kids begin school and begin to read, it’s important for them to develop the regular habit of reading God’s Word. Lifeway research found that the number one predictor of spiritual maturity as young adults was regularly reading their Bible as kids.  (Nothing Less – Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith by Jana Magruder).

As parents, grandparents, and Kids Ministry leaders, we need to make sure the kids in our life have an age appropriate Bible as they are beginning to read.  Last month, I had the privilege of helping present our rising 1stgraders with a Children’s Bible.  I love being a part of a church that invests in helping develop Biblical literacy with our kids! 

As you look to purchase a Bible for your Kids Ministry or for a child in your family, there are several things to look for in a Bible:

Old and New Testament– Our Kids need to have a complete Bible with the Old Testament and the New Testament. 

Durability – When purchasing a Bible, consider the durability of the Bible.  While paperback Bibles are cheaper, they don’t last long.  A hardback or leather-like cover will be more durable for children.  The leather-like cover will last the longest but will probably be the most expensive. You’ll want to consider how long you anticipate that the child will use this Bible.

Age-Appropriate Bible– Choose a Bible appropriate for their age.  Even though the Bible they had as a preschooler or a 1stgrader may still be in good shape and can be used, a preteen will probably not want to take it to church or camp.  Kids are more likely to read their Bible if it is age-appropriate.

Realistic Bible illustrations– Children are concrete learners.  We want them to know and have it reinforced that the Bible is God’s story and that the people in the Bible were REAL people, not some fantasy characters in a story. Realistic Bible illustrations reinforces this concept.

Translation choice– What translation is used at church during Sunday School and worship? You’ll also want to consider the readability level.

Some of my favorite Kids Bibles are:

CSB Read to Me Bible– great for Preschoolers

NKJV Adventure Bible– great for K-2ndgrade

CSB Children’s Bibles– great for 1st grade – Preteens

ESV Following Jesus Bible– great for 1stgrade – Preteens

CSB – Teen Essentials Study Bible– great for Preteens – Students

Make plans this school year to equip the kids in your church and in your family with an age-appropriate Bible.  Help them develop a love for reading God’s Word!

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