3 Tips to help keep Christ at the center of the holidays for your family

1. Practice Thankfulness

Items Needed:

  • Die cuts of leaves or copies of a leaf printable (fall colors)
  • Tree (and hooks) or a bowl to hold the leaves
  • pen

Have family members write one or more thing that they are thankful for on each leaf. You can do this as an activity throughout the month or around the table Thanksgiving week.

2. Use a Family Advent Devotional Book or Plan

  • The Way to the Manger (Jeff and Abbey Land) published by LifeWay is a great family devotional book. It features 25 family devotions, journaling pages (to save family memories each year) and family activities and crafts. Currently this book is 1/2 price at LifeWay.com
  • You can also download a free Family Advent Guide at LifeWay Kids

3. Pray for others during this holiday season

During this holiday season, make an intentional plan to teach your kids to pray for others.

  • During November – have your family Thank God for family members and other special people in your life.
  • During December, pray for individuals and families as you receive their Christmas Cards. Especially pray for things mentioned in their cards or Christmas letters.

What are other ways your family keeps Christ at the center of the holidays?

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