3 Fun Bible Skill Activities – Part 1

Looking for fun activities for your kids and families? Here are three fun Bible Skill activities that could also serve as PE time for your kids.

  1. Enjoy a books of the Bible Relay Race. Download my printables of Old and New Testament books at the end of this blog article. Make two copies. Cut apart and put each set in a bucket or bowl. Have your kids enjoy a relay race in the backyard as they put the books of the Bible in order.
  2. Bible Verse toss. – Use a beachball or basket ball for kids to toss back and forth to each other as they are saying a Bible Verse. If using a beach ball, you can use a sharpie to write the verse on the beachball to help your kids as they are learning the verse.
  3. Books and Hoops – Have kids dribble and shoot hoops while saying the books of the Bible.

I’d love to hear what fun Bible Skills activities you are doing with your family.

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