3 Fun Bible Skill Activities – Part 2

As we have increased family time, it’s a great time to work on Bible Skills. This week’s Bible Skill Activities will focus on using arts and crafts!

  1. Create a Memory Verse Frame Items needed: Inexpensive picture frame, scrapbook or colored paper, dry erase marker and Bible. To create: Cut the paper to fit the size of the glass. Assemble the frame so that the colored paper shows through the glass. Have kids write the Bible Verse they are memorizing on the glass with a dry erase marker. (Hint: Use a paper towel to erase the verse and write next week’s verse.)

2. Scripture Light Switch PlateItems Needed: Light switch plate, permanent marker and Bible. To create: Have kids write a scripture verse on the light switch plate. Parents – Install the light switch plate in your kids room and challenge them to say the verse each time they turn off/on their light.

Verse Suggestions: Psalm 56:3, Psalm 34:4, Joshua 1:9

3. Verse RocksItems Needed: Rocks, craft paint, permanent markers, and Bible. (Use ultra fine tip markers for writing the verse.) To create: Paint rocks and allow time for rocks to dry. After rocks have dried, write a verse on the rocks and decorate.

Note: I received this rock as a gift from Shoal Creek Baptist Church during my son’s Move In Weekend at Truett McConnell University.

What are some ways you use arts and crafts to help you memorize scripture?

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