10 Ways to Welcome a Newborn Baby to our Preschool Ministry

On April 29th, I became “Mimi,” as we welcomed Rhett to our family as our first grandchild. As a new grandparent and a Kids Minister, my thoughts have turned to newborns and first time parents in our Kids Ministry. In our video, three kids ministers share their ideas of how to welcome these bundles of joy:

  1. Send expectant parents a letter letting them know that they are prayed for. Susan Allen includes a prayer calendar that the parents can use in praying for their unborn child.
  2. Have a drive-thru baby shower if you can’t have an in-person shower.
  3. Present the new parents a onesie with your Preschool/Kids Ministry logo on it. Josh Wilson shares that he orders the onesies in blue and pink to have on hand to welcome the baby boy or girl to their church.
  4. Send a card from the Kids Ministry and another one created by one of the older kids in your ministry. This is a great project for a GA/RA group or a Kids Sunday School class to do.
  5. Visit the newborn and parents at the hospital/their home and bring a gift.
  6. Drop-off a gift on the front porch (especially during Covid-19) welcoming the new baby and parents.
  7. Include a copy of BabyLife Magazine with your gift.
  8. Create a bib and/or diaper tag with your Church/Kids Ministry Logo to give to the new parents.
  9. Provide dinner for the new parents. The first meal can be from your preschool ministry. Create a meal train. Enlist their adult Sunday School class members, friends, and church members to help provide several meals. Thank you Jennifer for this great reminder!
  10. Don’t forget the siblings. Bring a gift for the big brother and/or sister when you visit or drop-off a gift for the baby and parents. Susan Allen shares that she often has a stuffed bear with a big brother/big sister button that she brings.

A special Thank You to Susan Allen (FBC Statesboro), Josh Wilson (Shirley Hills, Warner Robins), and Jennifer Zeager (FBC Barnesville) for sharing these great ideas for welcoming babies into our ministries. Watch our video for these and extra tips on related to welcoming newborns!

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